06 October, 2007

Attention supporters of Maxine McKew in BENNELONG: more photos 4u2c

Like the legendary BARON MUNCHAUSEN who specialized in telling tall tales, the long-nosed John Dubya Ducklips Howard continues his sneaky lies to the Australian public. Let's all ensure that he gets booted out of Kirribilli and packed off to a glue factory. Australia's damaged enough already.

The Liberal Party's tough-sounding Right-wing scare-tactics and soft-sell TV propaganda is confusing for politically less-than-savvy citizens. Left-wing, right-wing... ...jeez mate, it all gets "too bloody hard". For that very reason, propaganda spin-merchants specifically target these politically-naive folks, just like the legendary Shearer targeted the Ringer (the 'new guy') with the "Blue-Bellied Joe" (a sheep easier to shear). They wouldn't waste their time or corporate slush-funds on diehards like me. By the way, here's an ONLINE PETITION (from GetUp.org, in a new window) to sign objecting to the multi-millions of public tax money that Howard is squandering on pre-electioneering for the un-Liberal Party.

So to assist your personal War on J.W.Howard, I'm offering another of my photo galleries (below). If you like any of the pictures, please feel free to copy them and circulate as widely as possible on the net, especially to your contacts living in marginal electorates. There are more of my photos here and here, or you can conjure up the whole dang lot here.

(To copy a photo to your computer, right-click it and select Save Picture As...)

(More on John Ducklips Howard's policy of adjusting History in this article on his War on Edjerkation).

P.S: Sign this online PETITION to help say SORRY. It's the first step towards Aboriginal Reconciliation (GetUp.org, in a new window).

Australian is re-confirming itself as a racist nation in the run-up to the election, say reports from agencies such as the International Herald Tribune and Reuters. Why is that so, Kevin Andrews?
. (Hey, why does the Right need Hanson when they've got Kevin Andrews?)

............................ (See more on Smart Alec here ).

Are you a swinging voter?
Vote-a-matic is a simple 10-minute interactive quiz which works out which party you should vote for. Ideal for lazy voters and the politically-challenged. The leader of the winning party then congratulates you in a short video clip. You can also hear the other leaders if you click on them - I particularly enjoyed hearing John Howard tell me "I know you didn't vote for me, but..."

Giggle time again!
Here are two more flash animations from Nicholson of The Australian. The first one deals in a fair and balanced way with the
echo campaign of the Australian Election.
The second one,
Paul Keating as the race-caller
, is (as you might expect), bigoted, egotistical and unbalanced.
A healthy balance, methinks.

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