07 November, 2007

The Parable of the Good Australian:
John Howard as Failed Messiah

And Lo! There was a Shepherd in the Desert, tending his flock of Sheep and Lambs. The Shepherd could sell much Wool from the backs of the Sheep, so he offered unto them most of the best Water and Pasture, and they did thrive mightily.
The Lambs were small, so could not provide as much Wool as the Sheep. The Shepherd therefore offered unto them only Dry and Barren Desert, because they were less profitable than the Sheep. Thus did many tender young Lambs wither under the scorching sun of Mortgages and GST.
As eleven long years passed, the productive Sheep became grey and began to die of old age. The Shepherd then looked to his Lambs to render Wool unto him, but Alas! they were unable. And verily, the Economy spiralled into long-term Recession.

And lo! it came to pass that starving Lambs deserted the Shepherd in droves, even as the remaining wealthy old Sheep toured Australia in their freehold Winnebago 4WDs, reaping rich pickings from their bulging portfolios and not caring a hoot about GST. With such unholy Economic Growth came rampant Inflation, and the very Heavens were rent asunder by Bolts of Electoral Lightning hurled down from the Reserve Bank. Then among the down-trodden of the sacrificial Lambs there were Whisperings of Revolt, and sagging Worms of Discontent. Presently it came about that the Old Shepherd was slain and replaced by a New National CEO who, in turn, was also to rely on the Resources Boom, and never questioned Howard's beloved GST.

Hey, enough of this silly bible-speak. (Religion is not irrelevant, though, as both Howard and Rudd are desperate enough for votes that they have sucked up to religious factions in the same superficial way as American politicians do).

In this next pic, Ducklips Howard, AlexanDUH Downer and Tony 'The Priest' Abbott all appear sexy and cool during a fake workout, following the image-makeover example set by Mr Ras Putin:

...................................... [excuse me while I puke…]

........ (…....or are the rings simply failed attempts at multiple halos?)

Howard's basic Tory creed is that of Globalization, the latest form of Colonialism, whose unspoken motto is It’s OK for the Rich to get richer at the expense of the Poor. The apathy of the Austrayan voter to this growing inequality can be attributed to the persistence of the negative (and mostly false) "dole bludger" mythology, with its historical roots in the propaganda of the Protestant Work Ethic. Therefore neither of the major political parties sees potential votes in re-distributing wealth to support the needs of the Poor or minority groups. Ladies and Jellybeans of the Jury, I would like to announce the death of Leftist Compassion in Straya.

However, beware the Achilles Heel. Australia’s leaders ignore the needs of poorer people at the country's peril. A large proportion of these poorer people are young. If the core needs (including Education) of Australia's young Lambs continue to be marginalized, the future of the entire flock will be put at risk in the longer term. Howard's short-term thinking is dangerous and irresponsible, yet that’s the typical Conservative anally-retentive mind-set, partly imposed by three-year parliamentary terms, annual company statements, budgeting horizons, etc. Democracy does have its inherent disadvantages, of which Climate Change is likely to become an unfortunate victim. We have to look to the minor parties - Greens, Democrats, Independents - to find any remaining traces of Human Compassion, Good Samaritanism, and longer-term vision.

Howard’s right wing ideologies strongly favour the older Sheep Establishment – the Wealthy-through-inheritance, Baby-Boomers who had the sense to be born in an earlier time, investors in stockmarkets, the upper middle-class, etc. Company tax laws help to ensure that these already-fat Sheep continue to get the biggest possible patch of pasture.

On the other side of the coin, Howard’s draconian WorkChoices laws (boo hiss) ensure that the impoverished working-class employees – Lambs to the slaughter – get as small a patch as possible, frequently so small that both husband and wife have to get jobs (No wonder there are so few baby lambs these days… even with the taxpayers’ donation of $4133 for each birth).

Why not sign this important Anti-WorkChoices PETITION to tell Howard you object to his regressive legislation. You can add a personalized message if u wish. (GetUp.org; opens in a new window).

....................... Lambs of the World Unite!
............ You have nothing to lose but your Jeans!

We citizens insist on the democratic right to stand up for a fair workplace and appropriate pay (which, in case you hadn't thought about it, Mr Jerk Hockey, should hopefully amount to enough to cover both food AND rent for the average family). Poor people can only take so much workplace abuse, then we fight back. Slavery has been abolished before, but what-the-hell, we can do it all again. Even a Dove will eventually peck back in frustration.

Click here to get details of an anti-WorkChoices protest by GetUp outside Joe Hockey’s Sydney electoral office this weekend.

The new un-Liberal party spokesman, Mr Rubicube Hed. The task for the confused Voter is to pick which one of the mouthes is making the non-core promises. Check out this Pork-O-Meter - it keeps you up to date with Labor and un-Liberal spending Promises and Totals in the Australian Election Comedy Show. Have your sound turned up, too.

(See more amazing photos about Brigadier-General Howard's pre-emptive invasion of his own country, about the deceit of his weak suckhole mate Mal B. Rough, and about Howard's campaign of deliberate Racist hatred which he malevolently imagines is a vote-winner. Not in MY name, Mr Ducklips)

To coin a phrase… “It must be well and bloody truly Time by now!”

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