16 January, 2008

Pope Benedickhead continues to deny Galileo, Evolution, women’s rights, Jews, mobile phones, etc.

“Just like we were correct about not being descended from the apes, the Catholic Church was quite correct to punish Mr. Galileo for his ridiculous claim that the Earth moved around the Sun. I’m glad the Inquisition locked that dumb bastard away under house arrest for years till he died.”

........... I take it that noise is just applause. Thank you, thank you...

FunkyPix2 notes that the pope is ageing rapidly as he gets bogged in yet more impossible contradictions and doctrinal boo-boos. May he age faster still. We all look forward with glee to the next puff of greyish smoke from the Sistine chimney. On the other hand, maybe it’s better that he sticks around for many years – he’s sure encouraging the Mass Exodus from Catholicism… and hey, that’s gotta be good for the world.

....It's not too late to take back Constantinople, Ratzie. Ask George for help.

PS: Forensic science has created (er, sorry, insert: 'constructed') a photo of what the real face of Jesus probably looked like, and why the Old Empire regarded him as the "Ace of Diamonds" terrorist.
The article is here (in a new window).

PPS: If you want more goss about the pope(s), you'll find all of my 'Religious Issues' articles here Hours of jolly fun for all bona fide sinners. Remember to chant Hail Mary as you read my words. Apocryphal stuff, this.

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