13 February, 2008

Geriatrics-in-training, wandering around Chiangmai, lost... confused...

We're both racking up the years now (*broad toothless grin*) and really oughta start considering our options for Retirement from our Retirement...

Most of our Baby-Boomer friends aren't spring lambs any more, either:

Jeez, some of the dudes who live locally are .r o o l l y .creepy:

But hey, not us... we're still young and ultra-cool, man.
We get to the beach, go for brisk walks...

...with a little help from 4WD wheelchairs... and helpful street signs:

...but we're careful crossing the roads here. Some of our friends
[all of them are more decrepit than us, of course] even
get round in a coffin dragster, to be ready - just in case...

Shut up, you. I'm not countin' on hangin' up me ol' thong anytime soon, buddy! We've gotta heap of good rock'n'rollin' to do yet:

All you stick-in-the-muds probably wouldn't dare hire this cool 4WD-BBQ-on-wheels and do burn-outs around Fraser Island ...or Phuket...eh? eh?

...and when it's time to check into that final airport, I wanna gravestone like this to house me ashes:

But in the meantime, we're pigs in mud, doing (at last!) exactly what we want to do, writing stories and composing music. Youse just gotta do it while youse still have Time, Wits, and Legs.
Yee-hah!! I feel another string quartet coming on...

Check out this flash-animated cartoon about Baby-Boomers. Surely this can't be us.

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