04 April, 2007

Evolution in action: The "COWSQUITO" discovered in Queensland

Discovered in North Queensland:
the extraordinary Cowsquito, a previously unknown bovine genus.

FunkyPix2 biologists report an unusual case of genetics and evolution in action. A farmer in the Daintree region of North Queensland has reported the capture of a Cowsquito.

Local dairy-farmers like Mr Mort Ean are hoping the discovery may herald a new era in milk production. "I feel sure consumers would grow to like the new milk with its pale pink tinge. It isn’t strawberry-flavoured, nor it will it ever be produced in large quantities like old-fashioned milk. But I’m confident it will be attractive to some niche markets”, he claimed. “Its visual effect is bloody unique, I reckon”.

He said the only problem at the moment is that calling the cowsquitos in at the usual milking time is not as successful as he would like. He showed our reporter a new device he was developing to attract cowsquitos home to be milked. “It emits a high-pitched sound like a sexy bullsquito”, he said.

“But it only works after dark so we will have to adapt our schedule of milking – as well as the milking-shed technology” he added, squinting slightly.

He pointed out that Nature is unpredictable in these days of rapid Climate Change. “Animals must adapt quickly to changing environments or risk extinction”, he said. As evidence, he showed our reporter some recent photos of Evolution in action:

(The giraffe's evolutionary response: "Excuse me, there's an aggressive
stalker out here. I was wondering if you might assist me?")

Animals are even adapting to human technology, like this walrus using a mobile.

Assisted symbiotic evolution?

Sun-baking after stealing a tourist's tanning oil. No shame in imitating.

Animals are increasingly learning to appeciate human Art.

Many tropical sea creatures are forced to adapt to rising sea temperatures. This Barrier Reef jellyfish was spotted along the southern coast of NSW, where jellyfish ski-towing is the latest cool sport of Generation Y.

. . . and while on the topic of Climate Change, here's another animated cartoon from Nicholson, demonstrating my favourite Prime Minister's quick response to the threat of extinction.

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