16 April, 2007

Forget Mars and colonising Outer Space – we haven’t even explored INNER Space yet

(Theme music: “I Do Love to Be Below the Seaside”)
This luxury bedroom is not the box referred to in the article below.

Mirroring FunkyPix2’s article on the colonization of Mars, we hail a young visionary Australian scientist who is re-opening the question “Could humans live under the ocean?”

Lloyd Godson is planning to spend two weeks submerged in a 3x2 metre steel box under a lake in NSW, supporting himself with a bicycle-powered generator and using algae to produce oxygen. Listen to the ABC Australia’s AM program

Lloyd calls himself an Aquanaut, claiming that re-colonisation of the oceans is a logical and more practical alternative to colonising outer space. After all, three-quarters of our planet is covered in water, and land-masses are shrinking due to climate change. The ocean's also a lot closer to the corner store - let's face it, Mars isn't so convenient if you suddenly find you've run out of fresh milk.

I must be anally-fixated. My first question was "How is he going to dispose of his Porta-Potty residue on a long-term basis?"

Update: mission accomplished!

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