11 November, 2006

comunic8n wth sms txt msgs s 2 ez

A recent text message from FunkyPix2’s man in Baghdad,
praising the NZ Education Dept's new SMS spelling policy.

nz skool studnts r sn 2b allowd 2 spel wrds uzn tx sp, providd da meann s clr. i tnk dis proc hpns 2 lang nyway ovr d yrs. aar, im hopin it wont cre8 dificultys 4 d nxt two gena8tns 2 b unable 2 comnc8 w ea oder. itl b hrdr 4 4n studnts 2 lrn en, bt its vry ql nyway (lol)

r u confusd? To translate this into plain English, first Copy the above paragraph, then Paste it into this online text message translator 2c w@ im sayn 2u dude.

PS: FunkyPix2 claims a place in SMS history - our son in Grade 1, way
back in 1987, spelled the name of our suburb (Aitkenvale) as 8cnval.
How QL is that?

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