28 November, 2006

'Stern Report' sympathisers upstage the Great Australian Bikini March

FunkyPix2 members show their stern attitude to Climate Change

Hundreds of members of the controversial website FunkyPix2 showed Melbourne a thing or two yesterday. Organisers claimed that protesting injustice by merely pussy-footing around in bikinis was "OK, no problem", but didn't go far enough to demonstrate the urgency of Australia's fundamental need for social-progressive adaptivity.

A spokesperson claimed: "Australia is so sluggish about the Kyoto Weather Protocol that the country has been climatically "rear-ended" by the rest of the world. That's intensely embarrassing to Australians", he said.

He said, however, that as female members cycled past mosques they would slip on a burqini out of respect.

And here is the Weather Forecast, presented personally by the Hon. John Dubya Howard himself in this short, quick-to-load href="http://www.nicholsoncartoons.com.au/flash/flash.php?id=184" target="_blank">flash animated cartoon by Nicholson of the 'Australian' newspaper. Afterwards, just click out and you'll be back here in your beloved FunkyPix2.

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