26 November, 2006

Thaksin’s family is popping up all around Asia like a 'Jack-in-a-Box'

Thaksin selects a tasty-looking croc for dinner at a northern Chinese restaurant.

Mr Square-Face is 'accidentally' spotted by papparazzi in Hongkong.
He doesn't seem too distressed at the harrassment.

Exiled former PM Thaksin, his wife Pojaman, and son and daughter have been popping up like unpredictable mushrooms all around Asia. They’ve been spotted shopping for expensive watches in Singapore, restauranting in Hongkong, golfing in Bali, hob-nobbing in Beijing… then suddenly vanishing into thin air again. Where next?? ...Is he planning to sneak back into Thailand? He says he isn’t, which usually means he is.
Conveniently, the paparazzi have even been 'lucky' enough to spot the wife and kids making merit (god knows they need to) by donating food to a monk:

These pranks have got Thailand all spooked – that's exactly what Thaksin seeks to achieve. His tiresome photos still appear on front pages here, just like Princess Di’s relentless ghost on covers of ‘No Idea’ magazine and the likes.

Such deliberate (and typical) theatricality allows Thaksin to continue to hog the media spotlight. This is of course regarded very warily by Thailand's new government. They are countering Thaksin's attempt at "Woe-is-me rejected-hero status" by quickly assembling a range of criminal and corruption charges against the entire family – right down to their house-maid whose bank-account has been 'loaded and laundered'. Thaksin must continue to be portrayed at all costs as the "Evil Villain" – which he is. Unequivocally.

The new government is super-sensitive even to to implied hero status. There has been censorship of a new Thai opera which doesn’t even refer directly to Thaksin… check it out here.

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