20 November, 2006

World Toilet Expo photo gallery:
Designer Loos get royal flush reviews

The recent Bangkok Toilet Expo went off with a bung, not a whimper. Every display made a splash. Here’s a gallery of some exhibits:

The heavyweight division:

The His-Hers model:

The Bloo Mac-Loo:

The classy "Orchid Series" from the Bangkok Flower Show:

The controversial "hands-free" model:

The "You-Know-You're-Alive" model:

...and the Runner-up in the Accessories division:

The Encouragement prize went to the "Gotta-Go-Cart":

[sorry - blogger's animated gifs often mysteriously stop working]

........but the GOLD MEDAL display of the whole shebang was the top-secret S.O.D.D. (Scatological Ordinance Distribution Device) proudly invented by Donald bin Rumsfelt as his contribution to Peace in Iraq. Click to view:

Rumsfelt’s B52-model SODD bomber

Likewise, click to view this virtuous vitreous venially-sinful

Virgin Mary urinal

(only perve at this if you're a monogamous monk - and single... and make sure your Big Boss Upstairs isn't spying over your shoulder. Maybe it'd be best to grasp your Rosary beads firmly in case you feel a sudden urge to pray).

This was the venue of the Toilet Expo, at Banglampoo, Bangkok.


  1. Ahhh the grater style toilet paper made me cringe....ouch!

  2. Crikey! You should have seen the First prize, mate ;-)