10 November, 2006

Money can't buy Thaksin love.
Suck eggs, Mr Moral Midget

An anonymous multi-billionaire mopes around in London,
hoping (in vain) to spot a ‘Bangkok Post’ newspaper.

Thaksin Shinawatra, increasingly disillusioned by all his ill-gotten wealth, suddenly realizes that he’s yearning for a bowl of decent "Khao Soi Gai". We can verify that it’s rare to get that around Kensington. On the other hand, Thaksin's stolen enough money from the Thai people to fly in a chef in his personal jet several times a week if he decided he wanted Khao Soi Gai badly enough.
Thaksin's relying on the sympathy factor now - it's all he's got left. If he’d been morally upright and paid his tax like everyone else, he could have avoided this humiliating exile. He's always been a CEO, never a statesman or Prime Minister.

Not welcome back in Thailand. Go and eat Bangers & Mash in an English pub, Bovver Boy.

Here's a potted history of some of Thaksin’s stunts: There are 3 short articles on one page during February - April 2006, 9 September, and more recent ones on 20 September (the day after the military coup), 5 October, and 13 October. These articles don't include the summary street executions of about 2,500 Thais during Thaksin's notorious 'War on Drugs'.

Stop Press: Thaksin's 2 children have today been slapped with a 30-day deadline for their tax bill of 5.8 billion baht... and that's not including any fines (yet!). That's great news for Thai people. Woo-hoo!

Finally, here's a photo of our failed hero checking out market produce outside a London shop. What might his thoughts be? Post your caption to the comments (below). Best entry wins and may be written on the photo. The prize will be a bowl of billionaire-quality Khao Soi Gai from Daret's Restaurant in Chiangmai.
CONDITIONS: Members of the Shinawatra family or their servants or accountants may not enter this competition unless they first surrender their passports to FunkyPix2.


  1. Where and how did you get this Pix ???

  2. I think it was one of 3 photos on thaivisa.com but I can't now recall which of their forums. I think it was from a thaivisa subscriber living in London soon after TS was ousted. I put the thought bubble on the photo for the purpose of my blog. Hope you liked it. Peter.