12 November, 2006

Wanna be a pop star, but can’t sing?
FunkyPix2 can solve your problem.

Note that in this comic strip, there is not a single mention of any need
for musical skill. It's all about 'image' and ego-gratification.

Sorry ;-) to disappoint fans of Peter Andre and Jordan, but they can’t sing in tune without the help of studio technology called “Auto-Tune”. After the recording session is done, hours of work by recording technologists can turn even THEM into stars (lol).

If you have MP3, Real Audio, or Windows Media Player, listen to this recording from ‘The World Today’, an ABC-Australia radio program. It includes excerpts (thankfully brief) of both the ‘before’ and ‘after’ versions of their hit ‘A Whole New World’. The totally tragic ‘before’ version sounds worse than your local pub-band after the 7th bracket on a Friday night… woozy, woeful, and wobbly.

Sorry to disillusion you, but this Auto-Tune make-over tactic has been happening ever since Kylie in the 80’s. And if you imagine that orchestral backings are recorded from live musicians playing real instruments, you must have been living on Mars for years. It’s Technology, stupid… Band-in-a-Box, etc. No-one can afford orchestras and multiple recording sessions any more. Quit your violin lessons NOW.

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